Sandi Harmer is an Author, Medium “Spirit Talker”. Sandi communicates directly with spirit providing clients with messages from their loved ones and divine guidance. Clients have found her messages to be profound and uplifting leaving them with joy and peace. Sandi is a Certified Apprentice Medium and Spirit Medium by the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts and is one of the first of James Van Praagh’s apprentice students in the world.

Sandi has worked in the healing field for over 35 years offering a wide range of healing and inspirational awakenings through her many classes. If you are wanting to explore/develop your intuitive abilities please inquire about Spiritual Intuitive Development classes and Mediumship Development classes”

I welcome you to inquire about any of the healing sessions, training or classes or private readings. 


You began the reading with a connection to my mother that was so instantly profound and right on I almost cried. To say she was teaching children on the other side was incredibly healing. At the end of her life, all she could talk about were children: the lost children, the dead children, etc. Her life was all about children and teaching. She loved children.  So thank you for the incredible opening statement and gift of her essence.  The rest of the reading was also incredibly accurate, even down to 'she doesn't really want to give your father time to talk--this is her time!'  Just like her.  Thank you for your loving compassion in which you offered the reading, and thank you for the incredible healing you created by opening the door to these messages!  Love you Israurlei!

 Phoenix Rising Star


My Aura done in Sedona. Arizona, October 2015. Leon Pelletier, well-known aura 

photographer who took the picture provided the following explanation:

The white and purple colours above my head signifies that I am working at the highest level in the heavens of white light. If you look to the right of the picture above my crown chakra there is a small, very bright, white dot representing a higher being. As it shows so small it indicates that this high vibration is very close to me. This anomaly shown is uncommon in Aura pictures so I was quite excited to have this being shine through. The left side showing pink represents pure unconditional love and the blues acknowledge the angelic teaching that I do.

As a note I received the message while meditating on Bell Rock in Sedona, that the dot was White Angel. She then gave me the name “Israurlei” (pronounced IS RAW LEE AH).